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Marine mobility and marine ICT services

We develop marine mobility businesses such as VDES and autonomous ship operation, as well as global marine digital technologies and services such as big data, IoT, MCP maritime services, and cyber security.

Smart port and logistics service platform

We develop a smart port and logistics service platform by converging maritime big data, AIoT, and 5G communication network technologies.

Intelligent network Management solution

We complete an intelligent control solution capable of autonomous operation and management by learning and accumulating network and service operation data.

AIoT · Bigdata · 5G · Maritime fusion service

We develop safer and more convenient future ICT services by generating, analyzing, and connecting valuable information from 5G/6G/maritime big data

NS1 TEAMS® is composed of functional module units.
Customized solutions can be developed for each customer.


Maritime Technology R&D
VHF Data Exchange System (VDES)

VDES is a maritime digital two-way vessel network that supports general maritime communications in relation to maritime safety and navigation, also called the next generation of AIS 2.0.
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Autonomous Ship Remote Control Solution

Autonomous ships are called Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as the concept of autonomous ships applying advanced digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI) at sea has emerged.
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NSONE Big Data Center is a convergence data center in the marine sector that collects and processes various data from the ocean and provides customized services to meet the needs and environment of consumers.
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MCP Maritime Services

Under IMO's e-Navigation Strategy Implementation Plan, the digital infrastructure and information delivered through e-Navigation will improve maritime safety, enhance security, enhance environmental protection, reduce administrative burden, and improve operational efficiency at sea. The benefits of this service include reduced VHF communications, reduced workload on both ships and on land, and the possibility of future innovation of autonomous ships, and NSONE supports global services to make these services available to anyone worldwide.
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Maritime IoT Service

NSONE uses its own IoT platform to provide various sensor information installed on the ship in compatibility with international standard protocols, and is developed on the platform base of OneM2M-based standards and is compatible with various devices and other platforms.
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Maritime Cyber Security Solution

NSONE provides an artificial intelligence-based solution that detects abnormal data through pattern analysis of encrypted packets as they are, with a solution that controls and diagnoses viruses threatening with encrypted messages on marine public service communication networks.
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ICT Convergence Technology
Public Safety - LTE
Public Safety - Long Term Evolution
It is a nationwide wireless telecom network used by eight major disaster-related organizations, including police, fire, military, medical, electric, and Coast Guard, for disaster response work. PS-LTE technology enables quick communication and effective on-site response by disaster-related organizations during a large-scale disaster.
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Long Term Evolution - Maritime
It is a network to provide intelligent marine traffic information services (e-Nav) to ships sailing up to 100km off the coast of Korea, and is the world's first wireless communication network to introduce LTE communication technology at sea.
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Long Term Evolution – Railway
It is a domestic system developed to optimize LTE for the railway environment and is a railway wireless communication system that allows controllers, drivers, and maintainers to share smart safety services such as train speed, video, and location.
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Private 5G
Private-5G : A communication infrastructure that allows general companies to build their own 5G communication network to provide 5G-based convergence services such as B2B services, smart factories, logistics, and ports.
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Incheon Airport LTE(LTE-Airport)
We provide additional services such as airport operation tasks such as communication between the control tower within Incheon Airport and the ground, aviation security, perimeter security, baggage handling, ground handling, facility maintenance, on-site information sharing, and CCTV video transmission.
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Public Safety Network IoT Platform
PS-LTE IoT service platform to enable users such as local governments to provide various IoT application services without burdening communication costs by utilizing PS-LTE
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MNC Operation
MNC Operation
In the PS-LTE network control center, utilizes NS1 TEAMS solution to perform operation tasks such as failure monitoring, facility management, performance and quality management, and task management, as well as user organization support tasks such as call group settings and operation technology training.
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